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How to Make communications your benefits plan superpower
4 min read

How to Make Communications Your Benefits Plan Superpower

Creating an employee benefits plan that your people can understand and utilize is challenging enough on its own, but doing so in today’s market – where the jobs are plenty and the people are few and far between – makes it that much more important to step up your communications efforts. If you really want […]
Blog Cyber war
5 min read

Is Your Business Prepared for Cyber War?

By now you may be aware of President Biden’s statement on the increasing risk of cyber threats. The war in Russia and Ukraine may be thousands of miles away, but cyber attacks can happen regardless of your location or relation to the attacker. The President warned that “Russia could conduct malicious cyber activity against the United States” […]
Medical Physicians Insurance
4 min read

Are Your Physicians & Executives Underinsured?

Did you know that the majority of employer-sponsored long-term disability (LTD) plans aren’t designed with higher salaries in mind? This is why many HR professionals and leadership teams are not aware of how underinsured their top talent is in the event of a disability. Your executives and physicians aren’t able to get adequate long-term disability […]
Fine Art and Insuring your belongings
6 min read

Best Practices for Purchasing and Protecting Your Fine Art

By Leslie Appel Maher and Natasha Mecklenburg — It’s complex, but simple.  You collect, we insure. Everyone has a collection – from fine art to used wine corks and Tupperware without matching lids.  If you have fine art, we have some important advice. We recently hosted an event focused on fine arts & collections with Chubb Insurance. Here are […]
2 min read

Electric Bikes: Just a Fad or the Future of Transportation?

There’s a new commuting trend picking up speed over urban and suburban areas across the globe that shows no signs of slowing down. Fortune Business Insights estimated sales for electric bikes (commonly known as “e-bikes”) went up 145% from 2019 to 2020 and they’re predicting a big bump in global sales, reaching around $92.19 billion by 2029. […]