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Published December 14, 2023

The Risk Lab Podcast #1: State of the Commercial Insurance Market w/ Kari Sandifer & Tyson Vaughn

Kari and Tyson sitting in chairs with podcast recording mics

The Risk Lab Podcast is a new show where we speak with insurance industry professionals and subject matter experts to examine the wide world of insurance and risk management.

In this episode, hosted by Gregory & Appel president & CEO Andrew Appel, we gauge the state of the commercial insurance market with special guests Kari Sandifer and Tyson Vaughn.

Kari Sandifer is an account executive who has a passion for growth – not only in her personal life, but also for her clients. She is driven by her steadfast determination and the desire to help her clients overcome risk management challenges. Kari has over 15 years of experience in property & casualty insurance, working with clients in construction, distribution, real estate development, hospitality, manufacturing and more.

Tyson Vaughn is a vice president & commercial risk advisor with a long history of risk management education up his sleeve and informed business decision making in his DNA. Tyson is energized by getting to know his clients’ hopes and fears so that he can help them assess opportunities and protect them against any subsequent risk. He has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, specializing in four key sectors: manufacturing, real estate development, not for profit, and ski areas.

Andrew Appel invites Gregory & Appel Insurance colleagues Kari Sandifer and Tyson Vaughn onto The Risk Lab podcast to discuss the current state of the commercial insurance market. Discussion topics include increasing premiums, rising replacement cost appraisals, the increase in frequency of catastrophic losses and alternative risk.

Click the timestamps below to open the YouTube video in a new tab, and the video will jump to your selected topic. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ the video and ‘Subscribe’ to our channel – more episodes are coming soon!

  • 0:00 Introducing our guests
  • 0:38 Analyzing commercial insurance market
  • 1:58 Assessing property insurance market
  • 3:40 Underwriting & replacement values
  • 5:30 The underlying trends driving rates
  • 8:13 Facultative & treaty reinsurance
  • 10:27 How contract renegotiation impacts rates
  • 11:28 State of the liability market
  • 12:01 Social inflation & nuclear verdicts
  • 13:09 Umbrella market & nuclear verdicts
  • 13:46 Capacity & availability
  • 15:02 State of cyber liability
  • 19:14 Alternative risk & proactive solutions
  • 20:55 Is a group captive an insurance company?
  • 22:17 Group captives & liability exposure
  • 23:07 Proactive property appraisals
  • 26:29 Terms & conditions: what to focus on
  • 28:06 Additional strategies to consider
  • 30:12 Communication with your broker

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