A collaborative approach to HR consulting.

Accelerate your organization’s development and sustainability with best-in-class support from Gregory & Appel’s network of HR professionals.

Maintain your competitive edge.

Improve employee retention, position your HR team for success and drive engagement with expert HR consulting.

Employee Engagement

Our team will work hands-on with your HR team when needed to generate winning strategies that boost employee engagement throughout their benefits journey.

Recruiting & Job Placements

Get the best fits for your company, every time. We’ll collaborate with your HR team to establish how, when and where to seek job candidates as you grow.

HR Technology Consulting

Looking to modernize your approach to human resources? Get access to industry-leading online HR & risk management tools that can streamline your team’s process.

Compensation Consulting

Through a partnership with Total Reward Solutions, we help businesses:

  • Assess their compensation programs to ensure competitiveness in the marketplace.
  • Evaluate whether compensation is factoring into turnover rates.
  • Understand employee dissatisfaction with their pay.
  • Build incentive plans to boost overall happiness and performance.