Effectively craft your organization’s coverages.

The Gregory & Appel Alternative Risk Unit offers clients stability to better manage the risks associated with long-term costs.

How alternative risk opportunities can shape your business.

Join, create or grow your very own captive or risk retention group with the help of our experts.

“Earn Back” Insurance Premiums

In captive retention groups, clients pay their premiums, but have the opportunity to offset the costs with investment income, if they have a good loss experience.

Get Expert Support

The Gregory & Appel Alternative Risk Unit can help you determine whether alternative risk is the best approach. To date, clients have written potential distributions of nearly $10 million.

Onshore and Offshore Capabilities

Receive guidance and consultations for both onshore and offshore opportunities your company targets. Our team will be with you throughout the entire process.

The Leader’s Guide to Captives

Clients repeatedly tell us, “I wish I would have joined sooner!” If you’ve said no to captives or risk retention groups in the past, our guide aims to give readers more context by taking a closer look at how they measure up to traditional insurance.