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Identify your risks, calculate the best ways to limit them and create a path for consistent business growth through tailored business insurance planning.

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As an independent, privately held, family- and employee-owned business, we're not bound to outside shareholders. That gives us more time to focus on our clients.

Lasting Relationships

No longer will you need to figure out your business insurance alone. Form personal connections with your advisors that fuel meaningful results.


Whether you’re experiencing rising insurance costs, interrupted claims or other pain points, be confident in your ability to solve them with Gregory & Appel.

Knowledge & Expertise

You’re not just buying insurance, you’re buying access to an experienced team that will always go the extra mile to meet your needs.

Risk Management Strategy

Empower your business to thrive through risk management strategies that are suited to your insurance needs, goals and budgets. After all, if the people writing your policies don’t know your story, you may be leaving opportunities on the table.

That’s why our team works tirelessly to perfect our unbiased underwriting processes where everyone wins.

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Insurance Market Selection

Deliver national or even international coverage for your business with the help of our diverse network of top property & casualty insurance providers. Our long-standing relationships give us valuable leverage and flexibility when selecting your business insurance plans.

And because we’re not weighed down by layers of decisionmakers, you can more efficiently react to your evolving needs.

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Claim Advocacy

Reduce the cost and frequency of your organization’s risk with a team of claim advocates that will support you throughout every step of the claims process. With the help of a trusted Gregory & Appel claim representative, you can spend more time focusing on your business while we work with your insurance company’s adjusters.

You can also gain valuable insights into insurance, employee benefits and more with our e-learning center tool.

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Captives & Risk Retention Groups

Looking to create or grow your own risk retention group or captives program? Great for effectively crafting custom insurance coverage, these alternative risk scenarios allow our clients to have more control over their premiums, so long as they have a favorable loss experience.

The Gregory & Appel Alternative Risk Unit can help your business determine if alternative risk is the right approach for your long-term growth.

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Is your business in the right position to take on new contracts? Quickly gain approvals and higher credit limits with the help of Gregory & Appel’s in-house surety team. From surety credit reference letters to release of lien, we’ll make sure you’re ready to get things done quickly while limiting your overall risk.

Your business can leverage the power of our strong relationships in the industry, built with underwriters for over 30 years.

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Enterprise Risk Management

Need to get a clearer picture of what your business is currently facing? Identify and target your business’s most important risks through a modernized ERM process that analyzes everything from your insurance policies to employee retention or turnover.

Done best, these processes take 2 or more years. The Gregory & Appel team will be by your side from implementation through reassessment.

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