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6 min read

Captives Part 1: Breaking Down the Basics

In part one of our captives series, we’ll define captives, explore why you might join one and examine the different types of captives.
3 min read

Captives Part 2: Learn More About Group Captives

In part two of our captives series, we examine the current market conditions and why a group captive could be the right risk management solution for your business.
4 min read

Captives Part 3: Addressing Common Misconceptions About Captives

In part three of our captives series, we address some common misconceptions as shared by our clients.
5 min read

Captives Part 4: Captives as an Employee Benefits Solution

In part four of our captives series, we discuss why some businesses are turning to captives as an employee benefits solution.
6 min read

Captives Part 5: Is A Captive Right for My Business?

In part five of our captives series, we use some real examples to show the value of joining a captive.
8 min read

Captives Part 6: Preparing to Join a Captive

In part six of our captives series, we walk through the steps you will take before forming or joining a captive and help you steer away from common pitfalls.
4 min read

Here's Why a Group Health Captive Is Worth Considering

Curious if a group health captive could be a fit for your organization? Larger employers are finding success with captives, and the end result could be a more competitive health insurance plan for your employees.
1 min read

5 Steps to Save Your Organization Money, Reduce Your Risks & Retain Your People

It can often feel like storm clouds are gathering, and we’re being squeezed between increasing risks and rising costs. There are a few advanced tactics that can help save you money while increasing your organization’s sustainability. We gathered a solid panel of advisors who shared their tips on how you can leverage communication, safety and […]
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