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Published December 21, 2023

The Risk Lab Podcast #2: State of the Personal Insurance Market w/ Pat Schaefer & Leslie Appel Maher

podcast guests pat and leslie sitting in recording studio

In The Risk Lab Podcast, we speak with insurance industry professionals and subject matter experts to examine the wide world of insurance and risk management.

In this episode, hosted by Gregory & Appel president & CEO Andrew Appel, we gauge the state of the personal insurance market with special guests Pat Schaefer and Leslie Appel Maher.

Pat Schaefer is a private client advisor who delivers a tailored client experience to successful individuals and families. Pat’s clients appreciate his ability to understand their complex assets and risk, all while discovering what matters most to them.

Leslie Appel Maher is a vice president & private client advisor who enjoys transforming anxiety over life’s everyday risk into confidence in living with the proper plan. With the passion she brings to the table, she also brings empathy, knowledge and responsiveness in a way that makes complex conversation easier. 

Gregory & Appel Insurance president & CEO Andrew Appel invites colleagues Pat Schaefer and Leslie Appel Maher onto The Risk Lab podcast to discuss the current state of the personal insurance market. Discussion topics include the increasing cost of premiums, high national expense of weather-related claims, the impact of litigation on the insurance market, what to expect at renewal, and how working with your risk advisor before filing a claim could save you money.

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  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:35 What factors are impacting insurance prices?
  • 3:20 Why you should talk to your insurance advisor before filing a claim
  • 5:45 Increasing costs of weather-related claims
  • 9:14 What is a hard market?
  • 10:33 State of liability markets & the impact of litigation
  • 14:15 Auto rates are rising – why?
  • 15:42 Increasing costs of car repairs
  • 18:05 Importance of rental car coverage
  • 19:56 What to plan for at renewal
  • 21:10 Should I carry a higher deductible?
  • 21:47 Looking for available credits to lower premiums
  • 25:37 What discounts may be available?
  • 26:57 How your insurance advisor can help before you file a claim
  • 28:23 Working with contractors & vendors you trust
  • 29:38 Checking potential insurance risks when buying a home
  • 31:29 Getting your roof inspected when buying a home

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