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Stressed woman in professional setting
7 min read

Conquer the Stresses of Open Enrollment With These Tips for HR Pros

Here are some tips for wellbeing throughout a stressful time of year for many HR professionals.
Hands typing on a laptop computer
5 min read

Level Up Your Organization's Cyber Security With These Safety Tips

Learn to recognize phishing attempts and keep your business secure.
Man cooking in pot on stovetop
5 min read

Prevent Cooking Fires With These Best Practices

As part of Fire Prevention Week, these cooking safety tips can help keep you & your family safe.
Group of business people writing
6 min read

Captives Part 1: Breaking Down the Basics

In part one of our captives series, we’ll define captives, explore why you might join one and examine the different types of captives.
A group of business leaders gathered around a table in discussion
3 min read

Captives Part 2: Learn More About Group Captives

In part two of our captives series, we examine the current market conditions and why a group captive could be the right risk management solution for your business.
A man pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration in his office
4 min read

Captives Part 3: Addressing Common Misconceptions About Captives

In part three of our captives series, we address some common misconceptions as shared by our clients.
A clipboard, pen and stethoscope in an office setting
5 min read

Captives Part 4: Captives as an Employee Benefits Solution

In part four of our captives series, we discuss why some businesses are turning to captives as an employee benefits solution.
Three hands pointing at charts on a table
6 min read

Captives Part 5: Is A Captive Right for My Business?

In part five of our captives series, we use some real examples to show the value of joining a captive.
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