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Published January 08, 2024

The Risk Lab Podcast #3: Healthcare Compliance For Employers w/ Stacy Small & Kylie Fields

Stacy Small and Kylie Fields, two podcast guests, sitting side by side in recording studio

In The Risk Lab Podcast, we speak with insurance industry professionals and subject matter experts to examine the wide world of insurance and risk management.

In this episode, hosted by Gregory & Appel president & CEO Andrew Appel, we discuss the current state of the employee benefits market with special guests Stacy Small and Kylie Fields.

Stacy Small is a senior vice president and benefits consultant who has studied the industry from the ground up and has nurtured a love of collaborative client relationships and complex compliance issues along the way. Never one to shy away from legalese, Stacy leans into developing legislation to understand how it affects benefit plans and her clients’ strategy. 

Kylie Fields, J.D. is a compliance specialist taking the employee benefits world by storm. Kylie is a master of communication and dreams of equipping every client with the legal know-how they need to sustainably grow and prosper.  With a seat on several committees across the industry, she is armed with the latest information on all things legal and compliance. 

Andrew Appel, president & CEO of Gregory & Appel, invites colleagues Stacy Small and Kylie Fields onto The Risk Lab podcast to discuss the current state of the employee benefits market. Discussion topics include what’s new in compliance, how to handle the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA), tips for HR pros in staying up to date with compliance changes, how your healthcare plan should handle GLP-1s and much more.

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  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:30 The ever-changing compliance landscape & how to keep up
  • 2:53 Understanding Mental Health Parity & what’s new in 2024
  • 5:05 Where to find info on mental health parity limitations
  • 6:19 How the mental health discussion is evolving
  • 7:06 What are the employer best practices for mental health parity requirements?
  • 8:39 Why this is a great time to examine your mental health benefits
  • 10:37 How does a busy HR pro stay up to date with compliance?
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  • 12:43 Best practices on the employer side: how to stay up to date on compliance
  • 14:38 Why you should make compliance part of your weekly routine
  • 18:00 How are audits triggered?
  • 19:52 The GLP-1 discussion & legislation that will impact you in 2024
  • 25:15 Keeping compliance in the forefront
  • 26:42 The ‘why’ behind government regulations

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