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A group of business leaders gather around a table with paper and computers
8 min read

Captives Part 6: Preparing to Join a Captive

In part six of our captives series, we walk through the steps you will take before forming or joining a captive and help you steer away from common pitfalls.
A group of business people gathered in a meeting around a table
4 min read

Here's Why a Group Health Captive Is Worth Considering

Curious if a group health captive could be a fit for your organization? Larger employers are finding success with captives, and the end result could be a more competitive health insurance plan for your employees.
1 min read

5 Steps to Save Your Organization Money, Reduce Your Risks & Retain Your People

It can often feel like storm clouds are gathering, and we’re being squeezed between increasing risks and rising costs. There are a few advanced tactics that can help save you money while increasing your organization’s sustainability. We gathered a solid panel of advisors who shared their tips on how you can leverage communication, safety and […]
2 min read

How Reinsurance Rates Are Affecting Your Property Premiums

Most business leaders are likely already aware of the roles U.S. inflation and the increase in global catastrophes play in insurance premiums, but now there’s another factor at work: reinsurance. Treaties on reinsurance for property coverages (which is a mechanism the insurance carriers use to offset the risk of the policies they write) were finalized […]
2 min read

Staying in the Know: OSHA Recordkeeping

With OSHA’s recent fining of Amazon and Tesla, we wanted to provide recordkeeping best practices and incident-reporting regulations to help keep your organization compliant. We recently hosted a live event with a panel of safety and risk management professionals – check out the highlights below. Upcoming deadlines: Most employers with 10+ employees are required by OSHA to complete […]
3 min read

4 Steps to Set Your Organization up for a Successful Insurance Renewal

For many business leaders, the end of the year also means it’s time to renew your insurance policies. With continued inflation and the possibility of an upcoming recession, it’s no secret that many organizations are starting to tighten budgets and cut costs wherever possible. We want to share the following four tips to help you […]
4 min read

How to Take Care of Your People AND Lower Your Work Comp Costs

Hear from a curated panel of business leaders and risk management professionals who share how they’re successfully taking on safety and risk management to bring down workers’ compensation costs. Check out our top four highlights: Watch the full webinar below for more details!  How to Take Care of Your People AND Lower Your Work Comp Costs […]
5 min read

How a Flexible Benefits Program Can Supercharge Your Retention Efforts

When it comes to employee benefits, flexibility may not be as easily achieved for every industry. For those in service, healthcare, manufacturing and other industries – it takes more than an internet connection and a good IT department to run your business. The common theme we have heard from our clients and survey results is that […]
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