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Think on Your Fleet - What the Safe Haul Act could mean to your commercial fleets

Mar 04, 2014

Within the trucking industry specifically, there are many concerned companies keeping an eye on a bill -H.R.2730 - SAFE HAUL Act of 2013 that was quietly introduced into the House of Representatives last July and is currently in committee.

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Insurance Mythbusters: #1: You have to buy insurance – it’s the law! (BUSTED- Until now…)

Feb 04, 2014

Insurance, similar to other financial products like stocks, bonds, or annuities, has almost always been an optional purchase. No law has really ever obligated anyone in the United States to purchase insurance (until the Affordable Care Act). Surprisingly, up until now, there’d been quite a bit of freedom in the U.S. about your right to buy or not buy insurance.

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