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Data Breach: A Growing Small Business Trend

Aug 05, 2014

Here are two light videos from Hartford Insurances' Technology Group that give humorous examples of how even a simple keystroke error or carelessness with paper documents can lead to a potentially serious data breach.

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New World Reality of Benefits Communication

Jul 03, 2014

As the world of health insurance and employee business gets more and more complicated, benefits providers face the growing difficulty of actually explaining benefits in a way people and businesses understand. I recently addressed this issue in my article, “The New World Reality of Benefits Communication” in the May 2014 edition of Employee Benefit Plan Review.

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Think on Your Fleet: An Engaged Employee is a Safe Employee

Apr 15, 2014

“Safety is about 10% technical knowledge and 90% how it is communicated to the workforce.” The big secret is that it does not take a huge safety budget to engage employees in the safety process. An effective communications strategy from the management team requires only a few minutes of a manager’s time.

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Is the PPACA pushing dental into voluntary benefits?

Mar 25, 2014

As health care reform becomes further solidified at the federal and state level, one area of healthcare remains shaky at best: adult dental. In a recent article at Benefits Pro, Gregory & Appel's Susan Rider offered insights and options for business owners trying to decide how dental fits into their benefits programming.

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Think on Your Fleet - What the Safe Haul Act could mean to your commercial fleets

Mar 04, 2014

Within the trucking industry specifically, there are many concerned companies keeping an eye on a bill -H.R.2730 - SAFE HAUL Act of 2013 that was quietly introduced into the House of Representatives last July and is currently in committee.

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Insurance Mythbusters: #1: You have to buy insurance – it’s the law! (BUSTED- Until now…)

Feb 04, 2014

Insurance, similar to other financial products like stocks, bonds, or annuities, has almost always been an optional purchase. No law has really ever obligated anyone in the United States to purchase insurance (until the Affordable Care Act). Surprisingly, up until now, there’d been quite a bit of freedom in the U.S. about your right to buy or not buy insurance.

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PPACA Certification: Why It Matters

Nov 07, 2013

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) continues to stay in the headlines as businesses and everyday consumers have continual questions about what kind of impact the new law will ultimately have on them.

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