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Automation Emerging as HR Trend

Jan 15, 2015

Everyone is doing more with less. The recession trimmed HR staffs, and new terms are emerging in response – most notably Six Sigma and Advanced HRIS. While Six Sigma has been around for some time in the manufacturing sector, a trend is emerging with more application to Human Resource functions.

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More Risky or More Aware of Risk?

Jan 14, 2015

Its can be an interesting macro look at how our culture use and views phrases, words, and ideas over time, and in the above case - the use of the word "Risk" In this case, its pretty remarkable that risk had fairly steady use over time, and then, some where in the 60's, this concept of "risk" began to appear more regularly in our writings.

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Think Strategically about Employee Benefits

Dec 08, 2014

What is your low hanging fruit? In the past, employers and consumers understood benefits were either offered or not-offered at their organization. In today’s world employers have to change their mind-set and think strategically.

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Reference-Based Benefits Strategies: Control Costs and Maintain Quality and Choice

Oct 14, 2014

Often, benefits providers and advisors feel like they have to make a choice when designing health plans: lower costs or higher quality healthcare providers and services. In the upcoming issue of Employee Benefit Plan Review, Sheri Alexander discusses how a reference-based benefits strategy can help answer this question in the best way possible: “It doesn’t always have to be a choice.”

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Think on Your Fleet: The use of GPS Jamming Equipment a Growing Trend in Cargo Theft

Aug 15, 2014

Your clients’ freight is valuable. In fact, their freight is so valuable that a large number of organized crime organizations spend a lot of time figuring out how to defeat your security processes so that they can more easily take control of it.

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Data Breach: A Growing Small Business Trend

Aug 05, 2014

Here are two light videos from Hartford Insurances' Technology Group that give humorous examples of how even a simple keystroke error or carelessness with paper documents can lead to a potentially serious data breach.

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New World Reality of Benefits Communication

Jul 03, 2014

As the world of health insurance and employee business gets more and more complicated, benefits providers face the growing difficulty of actually explaining benefits in a way people and businesses understand. I recently addressed this issue in my article, “The New World Reality of Benefits Communication” in the May 2014 edition of Employee Benefit Plan Review.

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