What Do Change, Superheroes, and Client Experience Have in Common? Let Us Show You.

Jun 18, 2018

By Christina Kelley — 

Change is inevitable; we all know that. Typically, change is fraught with mindsets wracked with that four-letter word:  f-e-a-r. Yep, I said it—FEAR. Every day, as consumers, you are changing the way in which you interact with companies like ours, and in order to serve you best, we must be willing to grow and make adjustments, too.

We view this as neither a request nor a suggestion.  Instead, it’s simply what we must do to keep up with the ever-evolving technology and business practices that surround how we support our clients. That means regularly taking a hard look at our internal processes and listening to what is most important to you.

Think back to being a kid—or maybe even to the last time you were in a movie theater. Our favorite superheroes are the ones that go from regular Average Joe to saving the day in a pinch. But if those childhood heroes can’t provide immediate help by spinning like Wonder Woman to change into a battle-fighting suit in seconds, what good is the technology within her laser beam-deflecting bracelets? The voice command feature of the Batmobile? Or Iron Man’s armored, tech-filled suit?

We know we don’t live in a world of make-believe—even though technology changes at the speed of light, literally. What we do know is that little upgrades can make a major difference, not only in our business operations, but also in demonstrating our value. For us, it’s not about superheroes deciding what tools they need in the moment; it’s about having a mastermind team in your corner. Our support team is always on standby, thinking of how to better the tools a superhero currently has, sort of like when T’Challa puts on his vibranium Black Panther suit, he already possesses everything needed to help the masses.

“This is how we’ve always done it” statements can easily be an arch nemesis. With our team of staff, all of whom have Avenger-worthy (or the Justice League, take your pick) superpowers and Think Tank level insurance skills of their own, we are determined to make the world of insurance a better place. No, we won’t be flying over your head anytime soon, but we will offer customer support that is cheer-worthy by being able to adapt to your needs and wants.

Improvement is a necessity, not an option for Gregory & Appel. In terms of how we manage operations, customer service and a hands-on approach are what drive us. From this drive, we’ll never stray; it is who we are at our core. For Gregory & Appel, this means as consumers demand easier access and less complexity in service, we must transform, period.

Sure, we may get knocked down a few times, but we are determined to fight to the end, making tweaks until what we offer you is just right. It’s time for us to put on that cape and get going—we’ve got powerful work to do.