Think on Your Fleet: The use of GPS Jamming Equipment a Growing Trend in Cargo Theft

Aug 15, 2014

Your clients’ freight is valuable. In fact, their freight is so valuable that a large number of organized crime organizations spend a lot of time figuring out how to defeat your security processes so that they can more easily take control of it. That is why your clients should have security processes in place to make such thefts as difficult as possible.

One technique which has shown significant success is the utilization of covert GPS tracking equipment. These GPS tracking devices are placed randomly with freight and allow shippers and, in the case of a theft, law enforcement, to see the exact location of freight at any given time.

However, criminal organizations have caught on, and have recently deployed GPS jamming equipment to counter these devices. Freight Watch International has recently published information regarding two incidents in which criminals have either been in possession of or utilized this type of equipment in cases in the Southeastern United States.

This trend is thought to be growing in the U.S., and fortunately we can learn from other parts of the world were this type of jamming equipment is more prevalent. FWG Gray, a Malaysian based security firm affiliated with Freight Watch International offers the following guidelines:

  1. Utilize multiple covert GPS units
  2. Active monitoring of GPS units that alerts to any deviation and provides for immediate response
  3. Make sure GPS trackers have jamming detection functionality
  4. Utilize and maintain a security plan and monitor cargo theft news and law enforcement recommendations


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