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Jack Mahoney

Sr. Vice President, Property & Casualty

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With over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, Jack specializes in recognizing and servicing the individual needs of large commercial clients. His multi-dimensional background as both a commercial property underwriter with Chubb Insurance early in his career and then as an agent broker for the last 28 years makes him particularly well-suited to handle even the most complex of risk management needs. His vast experience includes all types of businesses, from major league sports teams to municipalities, commercial real estate developments and firms providing professional services. He takes great care in putting together the right team of Gregory and Appel employees to handle each of his clients' diverse and unique set of demands. Regardless of the type of business, Jack's passion is providing great service for his clients. In addition, he serves as Senior Vice President and is a long-lasting member of Gregory and Appel's Board of Directors.