Your challenges arenít run-of-the-mill. Neither are our solutions.

Get in compliance, stay in compliance.

With a former Human Resources executive on staff, we understand the complex challenges of compliance and keeping up with changing legislation. As a client, you’ll also receive access to a wealth of tools, e-learning platforms, and libraries. These resources provide you and your team with powerful tools to streamline your job—templates, download-ready HR resources, seminars, article, and compliance documents. Learn more here.

We can help you:

  • Navigate the complex landscape of health care legislation, regulation & reform
  • Evaluate current health care plans
  • Design innovative benefits programs to control costs
  • Perform dependent eligibility audit to make sure you're not covering ineligible health plan members
  • HIPAA training for your staff, at no extra cost to clients
  • Continuing education through our ongoing G&A University seminars & video library
  • E-learning center gives you access to high-quality online employee safety & human resources training courses at a low cost

Your Team

Sheri Alexander

Chief Strategy Officer

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Jean Casolaro

Sr. Vice President, Employee Benefits

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Dan Kelley

Senior Benefits Consultant

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Mike Miles

Vice President, Employee Benefits

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Chad Morris

Vice President, Employee Benefits

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Katherine Rice

Senior Benefits Consultant, Employee Benefits

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Lacey Robinson

SVP & Managing Director, Employee Benefits


Stacy Small

Sr. Vice President, Employee Benefits

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