Risk Management Consulting

Don't take risks. Take planned steps.

How much would your business lose in a catastrophe or employee accident? Have you protected your company from potential loss situations? We can help.

Our team of top advisors expertly identify the potential causes of loss for you industry, and provide more options to reduce your cost of risk.

We identify ways to improve your risk management, safety and health, and claims management programs. Your needs, resources and culture are at the center of our process. We conduct a cost benefit analysis to maximize your return on our recommendations. The result is a customized service plan that can improve your risk management portfolio.

Services include:

Safety Consulting & Training
OSHA Compliance Consulting
Risk Management Information Systems & Analytics
DOT and Fleet Safety Consulting
Online Certificate of Insurance Management
Catastrophe Planning & Response
Education & Resources

Your Team

Andrew Appel


317.686.6484 |

Steve Appel

Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6480 |

Deborah L. Botts

Sr. Risk Advisor, Property & Casualty

317.686.6418 |

Andy J. Brown

Sr. Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6481 |

Shawn Buehnerkemper

Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6435 |

Steve Bundy

Sr. Risk Advisor, Property & Casualty

317.686.6473 |

Ashleih Cheshire

Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6441 |

Keith Corder

Director of Surety

317.352.3373 |

Brad Dumbauld

Sr. Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6483 |

Kim Elsey

Risk Consultant

317.686.6405 |

Terry Ford

Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.352.3362 |

Bill Goff

Account Executive, Property & Casualty

317.352.3326 |

Alyssa Gonzalez

Risk Advisor, Property & Casualty

317.352.3358 |

Tim Hicks

Sr. Risk Advisor, Property & Casualty

317.352.3320 |

Dustin Koesters

Vice President, Personal Insurance


Jack Mahoney

Sr. Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6434 |

Ben Marschand

Senior Risk Advisor, Property & Casualty

317.686.6454 |

Scott McGinness

Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6420 |

Reid Putnam

Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6453 |

Mike Salazar

Vice President, Client Services

317.686.6407 |

Mary Ann Schmid

Sr. Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6436 |

Stacy Small

Vice President, Employee Benefits

317.686.6472 |

Tyson Vaughn

Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6437 |

Charlie Vaught

Risk Consultant

317.686.6449 |

G & A university

Itís an evolving insurance marketplace with continually emerging trends. Thatís why we created G&A University. Our seminars provide ongoing education and training for HR professionals, business owners, CEOs, and CFOs. G&A University seminars offer the latest insight ranging from compliance and population health-related trends to business insurance and risk management topics.

Image for OSHA 10-Hour Certification
Upcoming Seminar

OSHA 10-Hour Certification

October 29 - 30, 2019 - Gregory & Appel - Rhonda Wentworth

Gregory & Appel Insurance is pleased to offer OSHA 10-Hour Certification for General Industry. This course is designed...