Gregory & Appel Insurance Unveils New Brand Identity

Apr 03, 2017

Gregory & Appel Insurance today launched its new brand identity and logo.  Using a new icon, color palette and typeface, the redesigned logo better reflects the forward-thinking approach of the company. 

“Like our advisors, the new identity is friendly and approachable, offering flexible options and a variety of practical solutions,” said Dan Appel, Chairman & CEO, Gregory & Appel Insurance.  “As the new identity rolls out this year, you’ll see a fresh new look that will reinforce our many relationships, as well as some subtle reminders that we always remember our three pillars of commitment:  Clients, Community, and Employees.” 

The new brand is now visible across multiple platforms including a redesigned website.  Gregory & Appel Insurance will continue rolling out the new brand through 2017.

About Gregory & Appel Insurance 

Gregory & Appel Insurance is a fiercely independent risk management advisor, proactively guiding people and businesses through the complexities of insurance and employee benefits with smart, future-focused solutions.  Learn more at