The Right Things to Do at the Best Place to Work

Dec 01, 2017

By Jami Burdine —

It makes sense – we treat others the way we like to be treated.  As advisors on employee benefits and human resources for other organizations, we at Gregory & Appel know that true wellbeing must begin with ourselves.  

I often reflect on how our employees have positively shaped the culture of our organization, as well as our leadership’s efforts.  This a mutual exchange that has organically created a “best place to work” environment. 

It’s a simple philosophy – to serve others, our own employees must first experience wellness and excellent customer service in the workplace.  So how is this philosophy lived out at G&A? 

By Rewarding Persistence 

Anyone else would have given up, but Nick S. kept digging on the nagging computer problem that kept a co-worker from doing his job.  “I’ve worked at other places, but the culture here is that everybody helps everybody,” said Nick.  “I was both pleased and a little embarrassed to get the monthly GREAT award recognizing my service.” 

Many organizations give customer service awards to star employees who deal directly with clients. The G&A Peer-to-Peer award, by contrast, is given to anyone in the organization. Employees vote for a person who shows behavior that goes beyond the ordinary course of business.

By Giving Back

“As a parent myself, I know the impact early reading has on life,” says Ashleih C., who spends lunch hours doing remedial reading tutoring at a nearby IPS school. “It’s become part of my life,” Mike M. says, returning from delivering a Meals-on-Wheels lunch meal. “I love seeing the joy on faces as I make deliveries.”

Although G&A employees are outstandingly generous in financial gifts to charity, it’s more than money that makes the difference.  To be a giving organization, we must go beyond the giving of dollars to fostering a culture of volunteering among both executives and employees. From being ReadUP tutors, to helping at The Julian Center, to organizing a Horizon House supplies collection and beyond, everyone at Gregory & Appel is conscious of being part of the larger community.

By Protecting Mind and Body

“I love the drilldown on the changes in body fat, the increase in lean muscle, etc.,” writes Mary Ann S., participant in the G&A 16-week On Target Health program. “This is a program for just YOU,” she adds.  “You are not trying to fit into an index of others’ expectations of what you should be.”

Wellbeing of both mind and body is a significant goal at Gregory & Appel, demonstrated daily by our leadership. We provide free exercise equipment, encourage participation in employee-led fitness challenges, offer stress relieving in-office massages and host our annual “fun run/walk”.   No need to stay after work to take advantage of these “perks” - we want our employees to enjoy the liberty of exercising during work hours.

By Working Hard AND Playing Hard!

“We really love getting out of the office and spending time with people from other departments,” said Liz Nichwitz after enjoying food and some baseball at an Indianapolis Indian’s game, the venue selected for this year’s G&A Employee Appreciation Day.

It all comes together - health, customer experience, community, and high integrity combine to make Gregory & Appel a wonderful place to work.  We’re always humbled to be recognized as a Best Place to Work in Indiana.  It really comes down to our employees. 

To sustain an excellent environment in a growing organization, we hire exceptional new talent.  If you’re interested in exploring a career at G&A, check out our job openings.  We’re always looking for the next great contributor to our business and culture.