Measuring Success - 360 Degree Reviews

May 06, 2015

All organizations should ensure that they measure performance the “right” way, and one of those options are “360 degree reviews”, also called multi-rater feedback. Properly done, they can benefit both the organization and the people within.

The goal of any organization should be to seek continual improvement. Employers should ask employees for their candid feedback on the performance of their manager. The information provided back to the manager should be provided in a constructive manner and should provide suggestions to help develop on any weakness identified while focusing on their strengths. This is exactly the goal of the “360 degree” process.

Everything centers on how well employees and peers feel a manager communicates with them. It is import to provide leadership training sessions that offer opportunities in enhancing communication skills. This is a skill-set that cannot be taught, but rather developed overtime with experience and the right tool box.
Diversity within an organization is important. Each person within a department typically has a unique personality, values, etc. It is important for managers to be able to understand and work with diversity of personalities, work styles, religious beliefs, political views and cultural beliefs. As an organization, managers need to ensure they maintain a healthy level of diversity (men vs. women, race, thinking styles, disabilities, etc.)

It is important to measure specifically, the managers’ leadership behaviors. Team members look up to their leader as a role model, and having a leader’s support of the organizations mission and vision is essential. It is key for leaders to empower their employees to achieve their greatest success and encourage them to achieve their personal & professional goals.

A 360- review allows an employee’s peers to assess the impact of their actions. This provides feedback that demonstrates how well a manager interacts with their team, their colleagues as well as other members of the senior leadership team. A manager must be demonstrating that they are able to work with employees at all levels within the organization.

Managers will gain a better understanding of how they are perceived to interact with their co-workers each day. By seeking feedback from employees of all levels, the results of the review will be credible which makes it more meaningful. The goal for a 360 review is behavior change that results in personal growth as a manager. When an organization has a strong leadership team that employees enjoy working with and for, they tend to stay. The bottom line is that engaged employees produce a sustainable culture.