Data Breach: A Growing Small Business Trend

Aug 05, 2014

If you read business news even casually, you can't help but be aware of the issues of cybersecurity and consumer protection, like that of one of the highest profile examples we've seen in the U.S. that hit Target.

But given the focus on Fortune 500 and public companies when talking about CyberSecurity today, some of the easiest marks for true data breach criminals are downstream in the small-medium sized business world.  Why?

To alter a quote from the famous bank robber Willie Sutton when asked "Why rob banks?" - "Because that's where the vulnerabilities and easier money is."

Going back to the Target example, many people may not have realized that a Pennsylvania heating and air-conditioning contractor was suspected to have actually provided the hackers the opening that allowed them to breach Target's computer network.

Many small business owners rightfully see themselves as being so small that their data would be seen as unimportant to a sophisticated hacker.  That may be true, but remember, it might not be your data they are after...but who you do business with.  

If you work with other companies that might offer a more "Target" rich data trove, your business may be seen as a gateway entry point to penetrate the bigger fish via a lesser known back-door channel.

And of course, most businesses will still have their own information they want to keep confidential too, like your employee’s personal data or possibly stored customer credit card numbers.   In actuality,  sometimes those type of breaches can come from internal employees, and often not even with malicious intent.

No one needs to live or work in constant fear of a breach, but rather try to follow some helpful best practices whenever you can.

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