Tired of rising insurance costs?

If your organization has a good loss history, a group captive could help you save money while providing access to industry-leading loss control resources.

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"I like the concept of managing my risk, having more control over what happens and then being rewarded by seeing some of those premium dollars returned."
Frank Cinatl
ABATIX, Safety Equipment Supplier

Why join a group captive?

Most of our clients experience lower costs within 3-5 years. In our experience, once a new member joins, they never consider leaving.

insurance premiums

Premiums Based on 
Loss Experience

Instead of market fluctuations and rising costs you can't control,  you'll join a smaller risk pool with other safety-minded organizations.

Access to Loss 
Control Resources

Gain direct access to risk control resources and services, as well as a network of peers who are incentivized to minimize claims. 


Potential for 
Investment Income

In the group captives we work with, premium dollars are invested and members often experience a significant return over time.

"You’ve got an opportunity to reduce your future expenses if you control your losses. Why wouldn’t you do it? It’s free money if you do it right."
Chris Rausch
Turtle, Electrical Distributor

Client success by the numbers.

Since joining a group captive, this Gregory & Appel client doubled their revenue and exposures due to growth, yet they've paid half as much for significantly more coverage, while also earning money back.

graph of captive client performance
"In a captive you’re motivated to do better, but you’re also being pulled along by the possibility that if you do well, you’re going to get money back on it. It's a win-win."
Kim Jackson
Russell Sigler, Inc., HVAC Distributor

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