Insurance Market Selection

The market leverage of a global broker, with the agility and flexibility that can only be delivered by our flat management structure.

Since we are not burdened by layers of decision-makers regarding permissions to service levels, we can directly and efficiently react to your business needs.

We have access and long-standing relationships with the industries top property & casualty insurance companies to deliver national or international coverage for your specific business objectives. A leading profile with insurers - we are respected for our knowledge and approach.

Your Team

Andrew Appel

President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6484 |

Steve Appel

Vice President, Corporate Development

317.686.6480 |

Andy J. Brown

Sr. Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6481 |

Shawn Buehnerkemper

Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6435 |

Steve Bundy

Sr. Risk Advisor, Property & Casualty

317.686.6473 |

Ashleih Cheshire

Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6441 |

Keith Corder

Director of Surety

317.352.3373 |

Brad Dumbauld

Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6483 |

Terry Ford

Sr. Risk Advisor, Property & Casualty

317.352.3362 |

Darren J. Hickey

Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6454 |

Tim Hicks

Sr. Risk Advisor, Property & Casualty

317.352.3320 |

Kathy Kebo

Sr. Risk Advisor, Property & Casualty

317.686.6438 |

Dustin Koesters

Personal Lines & Small Business Unit Manager


Jack Mahoney

Senior Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6434 |

Scott McGinness

Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6420 |

Stephanie Powers

Sr. Risk Advisor, Property & Casualty

317.352.3372 |

Reid Putnam

Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6453 |

Mary Ann Schmid

Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6436 |

Tyson Vaughn

Vice President, Property & Casualty

317.686.6437 |

G & A university

Itís an evolving insurance marketplace with continually emerging trends. Thatís why we created G&A University. Our seminars provide ongoing education and training for HR professionals, business owners, CEOs, and CFOs. G&A University seminars offer the latest insight ranging from compliance and population health-related trends to business insurance and risk management topics.

Image for OSHA and Workplace Safety: A 2018 Update and What You Need to Know
Upcoming Seminar

OSHA and Workplace Safety: A 2018 Update and What You Need to Know

July 25, 2018

This seminar will address current enforcement trends and suggested areas of employer proactive safety focus. The discussion...