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Standing behind our Colts

It has been a tough season for the Indianapolis Colts. Just days before they kicked off the 2011 campaign, word spread that four-time league MVP and starting quarterback Peyton Manning would be unavailable for the entire year. What resulted was a 2-14 record far from the eight consecutive playoff appearances that preceded this year's Peytonless team.

However, as a long-time partner and current sponsor of the Colts, we feel that one tough season does not define the character of this championship organization, and we want the whole world to know about it. 

President Dan Appel had the original idea to show our support for the Colts during this tough season because we've been very lucky to maintain a long-standing relationship with the Colts. And with all of the fans coming to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl, we thought it was the perfect time to show the Colts and the other NFL fans the way we and so many people in Indy feel about the longevity of success the Colts have had over the last decade.

Our banner will hang on our building at 1402 N. Capitol Avenue during the weeks leading up to and beyond the Super Bowl on February 5.

Did you know?
Gregory & Appel was founded in 1884, the same year the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. was completed.